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             An Interactive Portrait Experience




Photography 4  Kids is an interactive photography learning experience for your child. We have learned , through 25 years of experience, that portrait sessions for young children are a scary experience that most children want to avoid., and many refuse to participate . We let your child and the entire class participate in taking the photograph. Parents and Guardians are welcome to join in the fun.

Our professional photography  studio  is set up in the classroom. We let one student sit in the Director`s Chair, with a megaphone, and help direct the photo shoot. Large monitors are set up so that the children can see the photos instantly. Even shy and introverted students like this participation.

Student/Parent Benefits

  • No Financial Obligation to Participate
  • Professional Photographers of America Insured and Certified
  • Student Participation
  • Actual Learning Experience
  • 200 Year Metallic Prints
  • Parents are Invited to Participate

Child` s Clothing Guide

It is very important to try your best to dress your child  appropriately. Avoid very bright colors. Whites and pastels are best.  We want your childs`s  face to stand out and not their clothes.  Avoid logos, striped shirts and blouses.

Prints and Digital Images

Your prints will be family heirlooms that your child`s children and their grandchildren will cherish and that`s why we only process on 200 -year metallic paper. Digital images are provided on a DVD with each 8 X 10, or larger ,print that is ordered.   We will e-mail you a secure link, with your own unique password, to view your photos on our website.

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